Why would you volunteer for a committee?

This is a recent article which was written as my regular contribution for the Waikato Motel Association newsletter but it is relevant to all walks of life. Just read your own organisation in to where it says WMA.

Why would I volunteer for a committee? All that work and no pay!!!!

As the WMA annual general meeting is approaching it is the time of year when people are approached to go on the committee. Why would you do it though? It involves giving up your time and attending meetings and you don’t even get paid for it.

Well being on a committee is one of those things which you get value from but not in a dollar sense. I have been on many various committees ( including the WMA) ever since I was about 25 and I’m not going to tell you how many years ago that was. I have always gained something from each committee even though they were all for different organisations and were different types of committees or boards

So what do you gain from being a committee member for the WMA?

Gain valuable knowledge and skills – by developing your existing skill base in interpersonal communication, decision-making, problem-solving, team-building and time-management .

Gain a broader understanding of issues, sectors, processes and structures. Learn about the wider perspective of the motel industry not just your own isolated business.

Gain insights into areas of interest- by developing new knowledge in diverse areas and aspects of business, industry and government. Learn about the regulations and rules of an incorporated society and a range of legal matters such as Association Incorporation, Fiduciary Duty, Duty of Care. Learn about constitutions and what they mean.
Develop as a leader – by providing you with the opportunity to contribute to key debates around vital decisions and influence future directions of the WMA.

Expand your networks – by making connections with board members, stakeholders and other influential people. Such work also allows you to engage on a range of issues with dedicated, like-minded people, enhancing future opportunities and subsequent board appointments. In the past issues such as rates have seen committee members making submissions and developing ongoing relationships with city councillors and other stake holders. Committee members also build valuable referral networks for their own business.

Fulfil a sense of personal duty: Utilise your passion, commitment and motivation in a positive and productive way to achieve benefits for the greater motel community.

Inspire others: Be a role model for aspiring moteliers and encourage new members who may have never operated a motel before. Apply and share your previous experiences and wisdom with others as they did to you when you were new to the industry. If you have just joined the industry then share your previous life skills on the committee and inspire others to become involved.

Grow yourself Challenge yourself: Benefit from confronting the variety of challenges associated with committee service such as being entrusted with various responsibilities, working alongside diverse personalities, negotiating conflicting views and fulfilling your committee duties effectively and efficiently.

Develop new perspectives and ideas: Give due consideration to the differing perspectives of your fellow board members and undertake constructive debate to overcome differences. Others on the committee can often show you how to view a situation in a different light.Gain Planning skills: Develop skills from the design and implementation of the strategic and operational plans for the WMA. Learn how to develop policy and procedure. Learn Risk management.

Gain Planning skills: Develop skills from the design and implementation of the strategic and operational plans for the WMA. Learn how to develop policy and procedure. Learn Risk management.

Succeed: Realise your goals. Feel the satisfaction of your hard work and dedication contributing to the successful functioning of the WMA

As you can see being a committee member is not a one way street. The time and effort put in will certainly yield results in your own personal development and these skills can be transferred to your own business whilst operating your motel and also look very good on your CV when you need it.

Think hard about being involved and becoming a committee member at the AGM it is a win win situation for both the WMA and you. The WMA can be a very strong and valuable body but it relies on you as members to make it this way.