Smart Phone Research

Smart Phones Smart phone research shows people spend 2 hours per day on their phone and calls is not the highest usage.

Just thought I would touch base with you again and share some interesting information from last month. We attended the Motel Association Annual Conference which as usual was a great event. The speakers were very good and relevant to the motel business with lots of useful advice. The big theme which came through however was the trend in technology and the ever increasing use of smart phones to find and access information and to acquire goods and services.

O2 a U.K. telecommunication company has released research figures in June showing that on average people use their smart phones 2 hours per day and making calls is the 5th most used facility. The smart phone is becoming the new “Swiss army Knife” with research showing the following allocation of time on the smart phone.

How long we spend using our smartphones (by activity) each day

Activity                                               Time/day

Browsing the internet                      24.81

Checking social networks                17.49

Playing games                                   14.44

Listening to music                            15.64

Making calls                                      12.13

Checking/writing emails                  11.1

Text messaging                                 10.2

Watching TV/films                             9.39

Reading books                                   9.3

Taking photographs                          3.42

Total                                                    128


42% of people surveyed by Pew Research had a smart phone of which 87% used it at least once a day to access the internet. 25% of people with smart phones used their phone more than their computer to access the net. (

What does this mean for motels? The big outcome is that many of your guests are searching for and booking accommodation with their phones. How many people are actually looking via smart phone (or ipad etc. which is a similar access form)?

One suggestion is to you use your smart phone (or borrow one if you don’t have one) and use it to look at your website and try to make a booking from it. Is it easy or are there lots of clicks and a lot of scrolling around big pages to find things. Is it frustrating for you and would you go to another easier to use site if you were a customer?

Next question then is how many guests are actually using a smart phone on your website.  Your website may have Google analytics attached to it which you can look at and see exactly who is visiting your site and what device they are using to access it. If you know how to look this up yourself do so and then see if you think your site needs to be smart phone friendly. If you don’t know how to do this yourself then contact your website or IT people and ask them the questions. They should be able to quickly find you the answers.

Now you need to decide if it is worth investing in a mobile friendly version of your website. After all this may be the customers deciding factor between you and your competitor.

Definitely food for thought and of course if you have any questions just email or call me.


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