Ongoing Training and the Motelier

Things seem to be getting a bit busier with motel enquiries lately and a lot of time recently has been spent showing some people wishing to immigrate to New Zealand around the motel world.

This is always an interesting experience as I am continually amazed at the knowledge they have on arrival. This has all been gained via the internet from their home country. Another reinforcement of how the internet impacts on our lives today.

Under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 we are required to undergo compulsory continuing education. John and I will be attending this soon and it made me reflect on differences between people working within the same industry. In our industry many brokers simply complete the compulsory training and that’s it. John and I believe that ongoing training is very important if not essential to maintain your knowledge and expertise in your chosen field. We attend the REINZ business broker’s conference, the MANZ conference and many seminars or webinars relating to business and motels. The world is always evolving and we believe you need to keep up with it.

The motel industry is no different to any other and it is important that you keep up with changes and continually attend training or information seminars to keep on top if your game. There is of course the MANZ conference for those of you who are members but also many local branches organise information events, local information centres or tourism bodies host famils, workshops or information evenings as well. Even polytechnics or schools within your region may run business related courses.

A recent development in the training area is the introduction of ServiceIQ which is the national training body for a number of service related industries including accommodation. Their website states.

ServiceIQ is the new Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for the Aviation, Tourism, Travel, Museums, Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Accommodation, Food Services, Quick Service Restaurants, Clubs, Retail and Wholesale sectors of New Zealand’s service industry.

ServiceIQ is short for service industry qualifications that develop smarter people for smarter businesses. A workplace can be a great classroom in which to grow talent, refine transferable skills and provide an environment where people can achieve their full potential and benefit a business’s bottomline.

Our training programmes and qualifications provide the skills to improve productivity and profitability in businesses. ServiceIQ helps produce a workforce with nationally recognised qualifications who contribute to greater productivity and profitability for the service industry, and also contribute to a strong national economy.

There are many opportunities for training it is just a matter of looking around for something which interests you. If you continue to improve your knowledge it must have a positive impact on your business in the long run. Not only that, it is also good to add to your CV should you need one at some stage in the future.