Motel Association Conference 2013

Time seems to be rushing past at the moment. I feel like we have only just got back from the Motel Association Conference and yet it has been nearly three weeks already.

Conference as usual was very good and those who attended all stated that they gained valuable information and knowledge to take back to their motels. The Motel Association did a superb job of organising conference once again and everything ran smoothly with lots of good content. It was not only the workshops and speakers who were valuable but the networking and gleaning of information from other moteliers was a huge bonus. This sharing of knowledge gained through many many years of experience cannot really be replicated in other settings. Conference is one of the only events which is solely for moteliers and dedicated just to the motel industry. At one stage I was standing in a group of five people who had 80 years motel experience between them. As service people they are more than happy to share their knowledge and help others within the industry. As the mastercard add says “priceless”

We were fortunate this year to be asked to facilitate a presentation at conference and were given the topic “Pricing for Profit”. During the presentation we discussed finances, how to calculate your breakeven point and discounting. I have had a number of requests for a copy of the presentation and with the help of the super friendly and really knowledgeable Mike Wells from Welman Technologies I have now managed to post it on my website.

In conclusion I think attendees would say conference was good value, good knowledge, good workshops, good networking and Good Fun. It is always held in the last week of July so pencil it in your diary for next year and make sure you don’t miss out on this event.

Download Pricing for Profit Presentation