Are you mobile phone ready?

It is expected that within 3 years 80% of bookings will be via a mobile device according to research.

Within 3 years 80% of accommodation bookings will be made via a mobile device according to this report from

The uptake of online life is a forever expanding area. Not being an avid TV addict I used to occasionally get out my laptop and surf the net at night whilst my husband watched TV but it wasn’t a regular occurrence. Now I have a smart phone and it is very rare to see me sitting in front of the TV without having it in my hand surfing the net or checking my social network channels such as face book. I am not a spring chicken though and at the age of 52 I am part of the trend which shows a change in the age of people using mobile devices as part of their day to day internet lifestyle.

We all know the necessity of having a solid on line presence but now it looks like it may be also necessary to factor in the mobile device aspect of this presence. As a motelier how are you factoring this in to your business plan for the next 3 years if at all. Have a look at your website on a mobile phone. Would you book through it?