Happy New Year

happy new yearHappy New Year. Wishing you all the best for the new year. May 2013 be full of health and happiness for you.

The festive season is always a bit quiet with many buyers getting organised for Christmas then away on holiday then settling back in to work. John and I have not been quiet though as our personal lives have been full. My daughter was married on December 21st which you can imagine was a big event for us with lots of preparation and organising beforehand. The day after the wedding we hosted an after wedding brunch at our house and then most of the family who came for the wedding stayed for Christmas and we had 45 people here for Christmas dinner. The next day we took the extended family to the beach. Some left then others arrived, we had a first birthday party enjoyed new years eve and we came home 1st January to clean up and get re-organised. Family from Perth had stayed for the wedding then gone to Tahiti and had an overnight stay in Auckland on January 6th on their way home so we joined them for that. Then the last of the visitors flew out on January the 15th and we are now pretty much back to “normal” It was wonderful to have everyone here and some very special times were had but there were lots of airport trips at unearthly hours, dishes to be done, meals to be cooked, sheets and towels to be washed and of course the odd drink in between.

John and Ann have been equally busy with the first of their family coming for Christmas arriving on 21st December. They then traveled to be with the wider family and Christmas was enjoyed at their daughter and son in laws farm in Alfredton (Wairarapa). As is the tradition they all then went away together and this year it was to Himatangi beach. Returning after New Year they had more family staying with them including a special time with their grandsons family including two of their great grandchildren before this part of the family left New Zealand to live in Sydney. The last of their visitors left last Friday and it is back to “usual” for them as well now.

We are all looking forward to 2013. There seems to be a positive note in the air and statistics are showing an increase. The house market is becoming more buoyant and the motel market usually follows suit so it seems likely we may see an increase in sales this year. If you would like us to call on you to discuss anything or prepare a free current market appraisal just contact us. Even if your question is not about selling your motel still call us. If we don’t know the answer we should know which direction to point you in.

We look forward to seeing you again next time we are in your town.

Happy 2013 from John & Kathie