Goodbye to a special lady

It was with sadness and lots of fond memories that we attended the farewell for our friend and colleague Lynn Braddock this week.

Lynn has been a stalwart at MANZ for a number of years. I first met her as a motelier, then strengthened the relationship as a MANZ board member and continued it on once I became a motel broker. Lynn was always helpful and happy to share her knowledge about the industry. Taking me under her wing and looking after me when I was in Wellington as a board member.

As one of the speakers at her life celebration said though ” you could not share a path with Lynn without it crossing at some stage” but this was all part of her and her passion for the industry and life. Although we had probably all crossed paths with her we still considered her a good friend and colleague

As per her usual meticulous well planned self Lynn organised her own service and wrote “her story” to be read out. It was a lovely way to say goodbye to a very special lady and I am grateful to have had her as part of my life.