Record high in May for short Term Stays

Short-term accommodation trends rise to record in May

12:04 July 10, 2013 0 comments

Article – BusinessDesk

July 10 (BusinessDesk) Stays in short-term accommodation in New Zealand rose in May to the highest level in the 17 years that the government statistician has been measuring the so-called trend series.
Short-term accommodation trends rise to record in May, Statistics NZ says (more…)

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Motel Prices on Google map a thing of the near future?

Interesting article from regarding google using metasearch to show flight prices on google maps. Will this be the future of Motel and Hotel prices?

The metasearch capability that Google has launched in the recent times within Google Maps helps to display flight prices for different routes as people use the search engines for finding information. This feature not only projects the significance of metasearch as a business model, but also the entry of Google into this space to add more value.
Though the impact that this feature is likely to create will be small initially, its addition to one of the world’s largest travel websites marks the beginning of three long-term trends which hotel marketers cannot afford to neglect. (more…)

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