Why would you volunteer for a committee?

This is a recent article which was written as my regular contribution for the Waikato Motel Association newsletter but it is relevant to all walks of life. Just read your own organisation in to where it says WMA.

Why would I volunteer for a committee? All that work and no pay!!!!

As the WMA annual general meeting is approaching it is the time of year when people are approached to go on the committee. Why would you do it though? It involves giving up your time and attending meetings and you don’t even get paid for it. (more…)

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Ongoing Training and the Motelier

Things seem to be getting a bit busier with motel enquiries lately and a lot of time recently has been spent showing some people wishing to immigrate to New Zealand around the motel world.

This is always an interesting experience as I am continually amazed at the knowledge they have on arrival. This has all been gained via the internet from their home country. Another reinforcement of how the internet impacts on our lives today. (more…)

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