Host Accommodation chain drops compulsory Qualmark rating

host accomodationQualmark may be a thing of the past for some Host accommodation properties

Host accommodation has recently announced its decision to drop the compulsory Qualmark rating for its members. It appears that static warning in advance inspections are now not rated as highly as guest feedback and mystery shopper type inspections. There has always been an understanding in the accommodation industry that there is a need for a quality grading system but there have also been many vigorous debates as to which is the best system. Host properties will have the option of personally continuing with their Qualmark grading but it will no longer be compulsory. (more…)

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Reviewing your business in tough times

Is it just in tough times you need to review your business or….

Practically all businesses in New Zealand have been through a tough time during the global financial crisis. There is the odd acceptance which hasn’t noticed a downturn but for the most part things have not been as profitable as they were in the past. When you are in business what do you do about a situation like this? (more…)

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