Listing a Motel for Sale

Type of Sale:

Private Sale:

This is when you decide to sell the motel yourself through various methods one of the most common these days being Trade me. Most vendors see the advantage of this is that they are in control of the situation and they can also save the commission price. This in reality is often a misconception though. Firstly how do you price your business? The advertised prices of other complexes cannot be used as this is often not what they sell for. Neither can the local motel grapevine information be relied upon as this too is often incorrect. Next when a potential buyer first contacts you it can sometimes be difficult to ask the hard personal questions. How do you ask someone how much money they have or what they have done in the past or how much they intend to borrow? How do you know if they are telling the truth? (more…)

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Happy New Year

happy new yearHappy New Year. Wishing you all the best for the new year. May 2013 be full of health and happiness for you.

The festive season is always a bit quiet with many buyers getting organised for Christmas then away on holiday then settling back in to work. John and I have not been quiet though as our personal lives have been full. My daughter was married on December 21st which you can imagine was a big event for us with lots of preparation and organising beforehand. (more…)

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